Friday, June 6, 2014

European Policy Expert Who has Participated in Denver Law Courses Covers European Parliament Elections for Sweden's TV4

Marcus Oscarsson.
Marcus Oscarsson, an expert on European Union law and policy and a frequent contributor to various Denver Law environmental law courses, was recently a member of Sweden's TV4 political team that covered the elections to the European Parliament

Mr. Oscarsson said, "The EU elections are the second biggest election in the world, next only to India's election. Some 400 million voters from Spain in the south to Sweden in the north, from Ireland in the west to Romania in the east, elected the 751 members of the European Parliament (EP).  Because of the European Parliament's increasing power, the elections are particularly important in the context of big EU-issues such as environmental protection and energy policy.

"Many people have said that the most important environmental policy-related parliamentary body in the world is the European Parliament Environment Committee.  When the new Parliament assembles this summer, all of us will be watching with interest what direction this Committee takes."

Inside the European Parliament.
Don Smith, Director of Denver Law's Environmental & Natural Resources Law program said, "Marcus Oscarsson is a respected observer of EU policies and trends.  His involvement in a number of our courses -- either through video sessions or on-line discussion boards -- has been instrumental in helping our students prepare for a future where they will need to know not only about American environmental policy, but also happenings in the European Union."

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