Monday, May 10, 2010

Mark Macneill, 2009 LLM Graduate, Reports From Canada

It is always a pleasure to hear from our alums. To be sure many of you are making major and timely contributions all over the world. We try to share these with our larger graduate program community when they come to our attention.

The latest installation of our reports from around the world comes from Mark Macneill, a 2009 LLM graduate who lives and works in Canada:
"I'm a lecturer part-time on a distance basis with the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, Ontario). I'm teaching "Introduction to Defence Management" and have 243 students from their Officers' Professional Management Education program.

I'm also working Pro Bono for the Save The Grand River Watershed Association. A petition I drafted on their behalf to prevent a wind/hydro project that would dam and alter Lake Uist (which feeds the Grand River and is one of our Atlantic Salmon spawning rivers) was abandoned after we submitted the petition to the Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainable Development at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. [To see the full-text of the petition, please click here.]

I also served as a registered federal and provincial lobbyist on the part of the Inverness South Fishermen's Association who fish the south Gulf Region (Gulf of St. Lawrence) to lobby for additional commercial snow crab quota on their behalf.

I have also worked as a pro bono lobbyist for U.S. interests seeking to establish a cruise/ferry service between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia who wish to re-establish a service across the Bay of Fundy between those two ports."
Mr. Macneill also has a Bachelor's of Law degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

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  1. Mark is a great resource person and an advocate for the Save The Grand River Watershed Association in Cape Breton Island of Nova Scotia. We are very forunate to have him as a team member. Thanks very much, Mark.
    Allister Marshall, Chairperson
    Save The Grand River Watershed Association