Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Our Graduates: Mochamad Kasmali, LLM Graduate December 2009

The latest in our "Meet Our Graduates" series features Mochamad Kasmali, a December 2009 LLM graduate. Kasmali, as we all referred to him, is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He began his studies in Denver in January 2009 and finished in December 2009.

Kasmali has an LLB degree from Airlangga University Faculty of Law in Indonesia. He has significant experience practicing mining law in his home country.

In writing about Kasmali, several things come to mind:
He never seemed to worry about Denver's cold winter despite coming from one of the warmest places in the world. Instead he always seemed very good natured about the weather.

His wife and children were part of the larger community that makes up the graduate program. I know how proud he was of his son and daughter's ability to pick up English while attending U.S. schools. By the time they left, his son and daughter were speaking like English as if it was their first language.

Kasmali has a fantastic "photographer's eye." Put another way, he took many wonderful pictures that he shared with all of us.

Just before returning to Indonesia in January 2010 Kasmali and his wife hosted a dinner for a group from the graduate program. The meal included many delicious traditional foods that one would eat in Indonesia. It was an extremely enjoyable evening.

You will not find a better person in this world than Mochamad Kasmali nor a better family than his. Good natured and fun, Kasmali was an important member of our Denver community from the first day he arrived. He and his family will always be in our thoughts. We wish him good luck and much success as he continues his career.
Click here to watch and listen to Kasmali talk about his experience in Denver.

--Don Smith

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