Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ground-Breaking Comparative Global Study on Environmental Courts & Tribunals Undertaken by DU Professor

A fascinating and cutting edge new study, the "DU Environmental Courts & Tribunals Study," which compares environmental courts and tribunals across the world, is being undertaken by Prof. George (Rock) Pring, an expert on U.S. and international environmental law and a professor in the graduate program.

Prof. Pring and his wife Catherine are putting the final touches on their study, which has taken them to nearly 30 countries where they have interviewed more than 125 officials.  The process of undertaking the study and their findings will, no doubt, be shared with Prof. Pring's students at DU.

In the picture, Rock and Kitty Pring are on the right and one of the individuals they interviewed, former Brazilian Federal Court Judge Vladimir Passos de Freitas, a pioneer in the development of environmental courts in Brazil, and his wife Sandra are on the left.

I recently conducted an interview with Rock and Kitty Pring that can be accessed by clicking here.   They have an amazing and thoroughly interesting story to tell about their project, which is sure to have a major impact all across the globe.

Rock Pring is a "star" in the environmental law and policy field, and this innovative and thought provoking new study clearly demonstrates that once again.

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