Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Latin American LLM Graduates Excelling in Their Careers

Historically, Latin American-based DU LLM graduates have thrived on their return to their home countries. This pattern was conclusively proven yet again at the recent Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation International Institute, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Let me briefly share some highlights from our program's graduates that I spoke with in Buenos Aires:

This is a very impressive group indeed! Each is making his or her own important contribution to environmental and natural resources law in South America, and each is already among the continent's (and the western hemisphere's for that matter) "best and brightest" young lawyers.

I hasten to note that there are many other LLM graduates all across South America; these just happen to be the ones I met with in Buenos Aires.

Buen suerte a todos desde Denver a nuestros graduados en sud america! (Y perdon por mi espanol; yo estoy aprendiendo espanol!)

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