Saturday, May 2, 2009

Earth Day in the Southern Hemisphere: Feliz Dia de la Tierra!

Last Saturday I was in Buenos Aries on the final day of a visit that had involved participating in the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation International Institute as well as meeting with various key natural resources lawyers and law firms.

On my final afternoon, I took a long walk around the city, which can only be described as gorgeous and fascinating at the same time.   One of my "stops" was at a park just adjacent to the University of Buenos Aries School of Law where the Floralis Generica Monument is located.

Much to my delight, the park was the setting for the Feliz Dia de la Tierra celebration, which was organized by the group TuVerde.  There was a live band (lower left part of the photo) as well as a screen (on the left side of the photo) where various videos of dancers were being shown.

It was a wonderful way to finish my trip to Argentina as well as a reminder that a clean and healthy earth is a priority for all of us -- whether we are from Buenos Aries, Brussels, Beijing, Delhi, Denver, or Lagos (just to name a few).  When it comes to issues such as climate change or energy, oftentimes arcane (in my view) political boundaries should give way to how our collective imaginations can be harnessed to address these great challenges.    

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